Thursday, August 16, 2012

Class Dojo

Today I introduced Class Dojo to the class. Class Dojo is an internet based behavior management system. While the website can be used to manage both negative and positive behaviors, I choose to use only the positive side of it. Students earn one point per day that they stay on green card. They can also earn points for hallway behavior (I choose one mystery walker each time we leave the room and award a point to that person if they display correct hallway behaviors). I also award students a point for turning in completed homework on time and for various other reasons (team work, helping others, etc.) I used Class Dojo with my class last year with great success and hope to continue that trend this year! 

This is an example of what our classroom looks like on Class Dojo's website (again, it's an example, not our class): 

Today everyone chose their own avatar to represent them. They also started earning points today and will have the opportunity to purchase a reward for every ten points they earn. The kids are very excited about earning their first rewards. Be sure to ask them often about their points! 

So what does all of that good behavior buy them!? See the complete list of rewards below!

Class Dojo Rewards

1. Write with a fun pen
2. Sit with a friend
3. No shoes in the room for a day
4. Lunch VIP
5. Sit at the teacher’s desk
6. No morning work for a day
7. No homework – ONE NIGHT (you choose the night)
8. Free computer pass
9. Wear a hat in class for a day
10. Show and tell
11. No AR for a day
12. Buy a special reading spot for a week
13. Stuffed animal on your desk for a day
14. Special drink (not water) in the room for a day (you bring it from home)
15. Give the spelling test (you won’t have to take it!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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